OFW Guidelines

Each case is different and may require different communication guidelines. It is important that parents follow any communication provisions that are directed in any Orders of the Court.  I generally recommend the following guidelines for parent’s communications on Our Family Wizard for the majority of my cases:

  1. The parents should use the calendar in Our Family Wizard to post all appointments concerning the minor child within a day of the appointment being made unless it is an emergency.  The parent who posts the appointment on the OFW calendar should also send the other parent a message in OFW regarding the scheduling of the appointment.
  2. The parents should use OFW to communicate concerning all relevant information concerning the minor child, scheduling issues, and financial reimbursements. The parents should document all relevant information concerning the minor child’s behavior and any special issues which arise during his or her timesharing.
  3. The parents should upload to the Myfiles section of OFW, any reports or records that he or she receives concerning the minor child.
  4. The communication should be appropriate and respectful. The communication should consist of factual information regarding the child only.
  5. The parents should keep each other informed of any information that he or she individually or separately receives regarding the minor child.
  6. The parents should check Our Family Wizard at least every 48 hours and provide a response to any reasonable questions posed by the other parent within 24 hours of viewing the message. If there is a time sensitive issue requiring a more immediate viewing and/or response, the parent should notify the other parent via regular e-mail and/or text with a message to check OFW for a time sensitive message.
  7. If available to the parent’s electronic device, he or she should register for an automatic alert when new messages are posted on OFW.
  8. The parents should not authorize or allow anyone else to communicate on OFW on his or her behalf.
  9. If a parent is involved in the minor child being late for school, leaving early or at any point during the school day, or being absent from school, the information concerning the above should be promptly relayed to the other parent on OFW. This also constitutes a “time sensitive” text or e-mail issue.
  10. If the parents are allowed to communicate in other forms of communication aside from OFW then any decisions reached during another form of communication should also be summarized on OFW.  For example, if a decision is reached during an in-person conversation at an exchange of the child or during an event of the child then the agreement should also be summarized and documented on OFW.