Attorney Profile

Attorney Laura Cass, Esq. – Over 18 years of legal experience

Laura Cass, Esq. is a licensed attorney in New Mexico and Texas totaling over eighteen years. Since relocating back to New Mexico, she has received special recognition for her extensive experience and appointments as guardian ad litem in a multitude of complex and high conflict child custody cases where she investigates, represents and makes recommendations regarding the best interests of the children. When you are faced with a complex or high conflict child custody dispute, you need a neutral, professional, and experienced legal advocate to represent the best interests of the children. Attorney Laura Cass is dedicated to providing quality and exceptional guardian as litem services.

Family and children’s law attorney Laura Cass is an experienced attorney in and outside of the courtroom. She is a prior Texas Assistant District Attorney who represented the State of Texas in the prosecution of hundreds of crimes involving violence, drugs, theft, and the abuse of children.

For the past thirteen years, she has focused her practice almost exclusively on the needs of children. She previously contracted with Advocacy Inc. to represent children and some parents in cases involving the abuse and neglect of children and the possible termination of parental rights.

Her current entire practice consists of providing guardian ad litem services and special master parent coordinator services in high conflict custody disputes.

Attorney Laura Cass is diligent and professional in her appointments and zealously represents the best interests of the children. She stays up-to-date with the most recent changes in family and children’s law and continuously works to refine and improve her practice.

An attorney with investigation, criminal justice and master level alternative dispute resolution experience, Attorney Laura Cass brings a unique background to the practice of law.

Originally from New Mexico, Laura attended APS public schools throughout her childhood and went on to the University of New Mexico where she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Criminology and graduated with honors. While working as an investigator for Crimes Victims Reparation Commission and then with the State of New Mexico, Sandoval County, as a probation and parole officer, she completed her Master’s in Public Administration at the University of New Mexico in 1997 with a concentration in alternative dispute resolution.

She then moved to Texas and graduated from the University of Houston in May 2000 and passed the Texas Bar on her first attempt. While in law school, she participated in several valuable internships and law school programs including the Department of the Navy (NAVSEA) in Virginia, the City of College Station Attorney’s Office, the Texas A&M University System General Counsel’s Office, and the Houston Journal of International Law (based on academic performance).

In 2005, Laura moved back to New Mexico, passed the New Mexico Bar, and became actively involved in the practice of law in the State of New Mexico.

Laura Cass, Esq, provided legal services in abuse and neglect cases for over twelve years. From 2007 – 2010, Ms. Cass contracted with Sandoval County to represent children and parents in abuse and neglect cases.  She also contracted with Advocacy Inc. to provide legal services for children who are in foster care and dependents of the State of New Mexico in Bernalillo County.

She has been married for twenty years to Tim Cass. They have three children together, ages 17, 15 and 9.

Licenses/Special Training/Memberships

  • State Bar of New Mexico 2007
  • State Bar of Texas 2000
  • New Mexico Real Estate Commission 2010
  • Successful Completion of Basic Mediation Course 1997
  • Completion of Collaborative Law Training
  • Member of the Albuquerque Bar Association
  • Member of the New Mexico Bar Family Law Section
  • Member of the New Mexico Bar Children’s Law Section